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Search Engine Marketing

There is a concert in town & people have lined up since afternoon to get entry to the venue. Mind it, the queue is long & gates will be open only in the late evening. What if you know someone in the organizing committee who can get you in directly without standing in the long queue. *Bingo Moment, no?*

Search Engine Marketing precisely does this for your brand. Amongst hundreds of searches on Google for “running shoes”, SEM will make sure that you stay ahead of all the searches. Does this ring a bell? Then let’s do it.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization If somebody searched for ‘awesome’ and your website link pops up 1st, how would you feel? You’ll feel like you are up there, right?
You don’t want your site listed in those late o’s of Goooooo’o’gle, do you? We’ll help you pluck out the correct keywords & stay on the top. You’ll feel like the torch on Statue Of Liberty’s hand & it sure can’t get any better.

We have a cool SEO cap on our heads that makes us think the best for you. Want to check it out? Getting in touch with us would be a g’o’oooood idea !

Web Design & Development

You don’t wear the Stone Age clothes made of leaves and skin, so why should your website?
“First impression is the best impression” they say. Does your website welcome your client with a cool glass of lemonade or does it unlock a maze where it is easy to be lost? Not sure? You definitely need us.

More and more users turn to the internet to meet their various needs. Your website is your first impression and it is important that it conveys a very positive message. At Digital Buddys, we’ll help you look for a unique idea that makes your website stand out and build it in a way that’s easy to use.

So contact us if you want your website to offer not just a glass of lemonade but a pack of fries as well.

Youtube Content Creation and Channel Optimization

Did you know that light travels faster than sound? Or do you remember that time when your English teacher decided to show you the film instead of reading the book in the class?
Most people do not have the time to listen to a salesman or respond to a phone call. This is where corporate films come in. Videos are powerful tools that hold the viewers attention, communicate a lot of information in a short time with unique and creative illustrations that stay imprinted on their minds long after the film is over.

Today YouTube is one of the biggest search engines, second only to Google. Internet users spend an average 35% of their time online, watching videos.

At Digital Buddys, we craft a compelling story and shoot a unique video as per your requirements which will stand out and ensures you to get the most effective visibility.